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Don’t Trash The Beach!

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

California’s beaches mean summer fun and beautiful views. The beach is a great place for recreation and relaxation…alone, or with family and friends. We all need to do our part to protect our beaches and coastline. In this report, we share some outstanding beach photographs, along with some tips on what you can do to help keep our beaches clean and beautiful, including a special message from actor and activist Edward James Olmos!

Everyday Action: Get out and enjoy California’s beaches, and find out more at

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Ocean and Coastal Photo Contest Winners

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Spy on a shy spotted octopus. Gaze at a traveling sea nettle jelly. Gasp at the sunrise hitting the Golden Gate Bridge. The 15th Annual Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest provides an array of images capturing our ocean and coast’s beauty, wonder and excitement. We hear from Sylvie Lee, program coordinator for the California Coastal Commission, with winning entries from the more than 1000 images submitted.

Everyday Action: Go to the beach and appreciate our beautiful ocean and coast. Bring your own water bottle. Take only photos. Leave it cleaner than you found it.

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California King Tides: “Snap the Shore, See the Future”

Monday, December 16th, 2013

What will happen to our coastline with sea level rise? Help us find out! Learn how you can help gather important information about our changing coastline by simply taking and sharing your photos of California’s “King Tides” — the highest tides of the year.

We talk with Heidi Nutters, with the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, about California’s King Tides Initiative, the photography project where your photos play a part in helping scientists and others better understand the impacts of rising waters along the California Coast. King Tides dates this season are December 30-31, January 1-2, and January 29-31, so start thinking of your favorite coastal spots and get your cameras ready!

Everyday Action: Get involved in the California King Tides Initiative. Be safe! Take extra precautions when you walk on slippery areas or near big waves, and always be aware of your surroundings and the weather conditions.

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Wonders of the Sea

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of our ocean in California? Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible photographs of our California coast and rich marine life, taken by photographer Marc Shargel. Shargel has dedicated his photography career to documenting marine life in California, exploring and bringing to life the rich history of California’s coast and ocean. Through his colorful images, he hopes to communicate the beauty of our ocean and motivate others to preserve it.

Everyday Action: Go out, explore, and learn about your local MPAs—you can dive, tidepool, kayak, and just enjoy these areas. Become a citizen scientist and help monitor MPAs. And don’t forget to dive into the Pacific Ocean with Marc by checking out his photo books, filled with some of California’s incredible sea life.

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Yesterday’s Ocean

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Where have all the abalone gone? Travel back in time to see what our ocean and coasts were like 100 years ago! You will be amazed at how abundant our ocean once was. Photographer Marc Shargel’s new e-book “Yesterday’s Ocean” takes us on a visual journey through time, with incredible historical photos. Through these photographs, Shargel demonstrates the serious decline in our ocean’s creatures and resources, and emphasizes the importance of ocean conservation efforts, like marine protected areas, to conserve what we have left.

Everyday Action: Go out and explore your local MPA—tidepool, kayak, and just enjoy these areas. Become a citizen scientist and help monitor these areas. Get involved in the decision making process by attending and giving your input at public hearings such as the Fish and Game Commission and Ocean Protection Council meetings.

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Crazy Days of Summer Ocean Fun!

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Summer and ocean fun go together. Whether it’s in the ocean, at an aquarium, or at home reading a book, the ocean and its critters provide entertainment, fascination, and just plain fun! We talk with Claire Fackler, National Education Liaison for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. She shares fun ocean activity ideas, from building sand castles, swimming, fishing, whale watching and tidepooling to reading books and listening to music.

Everyday Action: Feel like a kid again! Splash in the waves, build a sandcastle, explore a tidepool–with or without accompanying child!

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Capturing the Beauty of California’s Ocean and Coast

Monday, February 4th, 2013

The beauty, mystery, excitement, wildlife and lifestyle of California’s Ocean and Coast are captured in this montage of spectacular photos representing some of the winning images from the 14th Annual California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest. We talk with Sylvie Lee of the California Coastal Commission about the contest, sponsored by the Thank You Ocean campaign, the California Coastal Commission, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts of California.

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Jean-Michel Cousteau’s “My Father, The Captain”

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

What was the biggest surprise Jean-Michel Cousteau learned about his father, Jacques, in writing “My Father, The Captain”? Jean-Michel Cousteau talks about his famous father, the ocean world, and the Cousteau legend and legacy. He’s created a book and film that are unique, compelling and inspirational.

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King Tides

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The California King Tides Initiative encourages members of the public to go photograph shorelines in their local community during the highest tides of the winter. These high tides, combined with winter storm surge and runoff, can show us how the coast may look after future sea level rise. The king tide dates for this year are: December 12th-14th, January 9th-11th, and February 7th-9th. This is a great way to participate in citizen science in your community; so go take some photos!

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BLUE Ocean Film Festival: September in Monterey

Monday, August 27th, 2012

September 24-30, filmmakers, photographers, scientists, explorers, entertainment executives and the general public, will gather in Monterey at BLUE to honor the best in ocean filmmaking, to learn more about the issues facing our ocean, and to collaborate on improving the future of our ocean. BLUE will screen more than 100 ocean films, showcase manned submersibles and host numerous events and parties. World-class speakers include HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sylvia Earle and explorers Don Walsh, Graham Hawkes and Bob Ballard, among many others. Debbie Kinder, BLUE’s CEO and Executive Director, tells us what’s in store during the festival. Thank You Ocean campaign is proud to be a supporting sponsor of BLUE, and excited to be on a panel with TYO spokesman Edward James Olmos: “Igniting a Movement, Leveraging the Power of Celebrity.” (Photo credit: Bob Talbot)

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