Thank You Ocean Report

The Thank You Ocean Report focuses on interesting and exciting California ocean topics such as marine mammals, the latest news on ocean health, timely ocean issues and fascinating ocean facts. Stories feature interviews with ocean experts, explorers, scientists, conservationists, government and business leaders. Listeners learn about ocean activities and recreation, surfing, fishing, boating, and the many ways we all can thank the ocean through conservation and stewardship.

California King Tides Initiative: Glimpses into the Future of Rising Sea Levels

January 9th, 2012

King Tides are the highest predicted high tides of the year.  Combined with winter storm events, these high water levels can show us how rising sea levels due to climate change might impact our communities in the future.  The California King Tides Initiative is inviting the public to shoot (from a safe distance) and share photos online using social media to build a living record of current and future coastal areas vulnerable to inundation.   Marina Psaros from the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve discusses how these photographs help us visualize the future impacts from sea level rise in your local community and all along the California coastline.
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New California Law Protects Sharks Against Brutal Finning

December 12th, 2011

Hammerhead Shark (Photo courtesy of Terry Goss/Marine Photobank)Shark finning is a practice of cutting the fins off of living sharks and dumping them back in the ocean to die. The fins are then dried and consumed in costly shark fin soup. California’s historic Shark Protection Act, banning finning, was recently signed into law, working toward ending the destruction of shark species globally. We talked with Assembly Member Paul Fong (D-Cupertino) who, along with Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), authored the groundbreaking bill supported by a host of organizations, agencies and citizens who celebrated the signing. (Photo courtesy of Terry Goss/Marine Photobank)

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California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest: Seeing our Watery World Through a Lens

November 21st, 2011

Over 1,400 photos were submitted to the 13th Annual California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest, sponsored by the Thank You Ocean campaign, the California Coastal Commission, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts of California! Brian Friedman, the Judges’ First Place Winner, recalls the moment he snapped the winning photograph “Coming Through” at Catalina.  Enjoy the three judges’ choice winners and 13 honorable mentions that were selected by a panel of professional photographers, naturalists, and Coastal Commission and Thank You Ocean staff and the viewers’ choice winner selected by online voters.

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Enforcement of Marine Protected Areas

November 7th, 2011

Swordfish (Photo credit: California Department of Fish and Game)A network of marine protected areas (MPAs) are in the process of being established along California’s 1,100 mile coastline. One of the critical aspects of managing these MPAs is enforcement. On this podcast, we talk with California Department of Fish and Game Assistant Chief Tony Warrington about some of the issues surrounding enforcement of MPAs. (Photo credit: California Department of Fish and Game)

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Managing California’s Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

October 24th, 2011

Scuba divers (Photo Courtesy of Alex MacLeod/PISCO UCSC)The Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) directs the state to re-evaluate and re-design California’s network of marine protected areas (MPAs). Becky Ota, Habitat Conservation Program Manager of California’s Department of Fish and Game (Marine Region), discusses how adaptive, long-term management through education and outreach, monitoring, and enforcement will be critical to meet the goals of the MLPA. (Photo courtesy of Alex MacLeod/PISCO UCSC)

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Using the Power of Film to Protect the Health of the Ocean

October 10th, 2011

MacGillivray Freeman Films is the world’s largest independent producer of IMAX theatre films with an extraordinary track record and a new campaign to restore the health of the ocean.

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Ocean for Life

September 26th, 2011

Ocean for Life brings together students of diverse cultures and backgrounds to discover marine science, conservation, and how the ocean connects us all. NOAA’s national marine sanctuaries provide the optimal setting for this unique opportunity to enhance cross-cultural relationships, while creating a stewardship ethic for the ocean and the universal human experience.

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California Coastal Cleanup Day

September 6th, 2011

California Coastal Cleanup Day (Photo courtesy of John Eagle)California Coastal Cleanup Day, an annual beach and inland waterway cleanup held on the third Saturday of September, is the state’s largest volunteer event. Shannon Waters, California Coastal Commission Public Education Program Assistant, lets you know how you and your group can be part of the solution to marine pollution by getting involved in Coastal Cleanup Day! (Photo courtesy of John Eagle)

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One World One Ocean Campaign

August 22nd, 2011

The One World One Ocean Campaign is using the power of film, television and new media to inspire people to protect and restore the health of the ocean. Learn about the campaign from Greg MacGillivray, Chairman of the One World One Ocean Foundation and President of MacGillivray Freeman Films, and watch a brief film about the campaign narrated by Dr. Sylvia Earle.

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Engaging the Public, Protecting the Coast, and Capturing the Moment

August 8th, 2011

Santa Monica Beach (Photo courtesy of Shannon Yee)The California Coastal Commission Public Education Program engages the public in coastal protection and restoration activities and increases the public’s understanding about California’s marine resources. Sylvie Lee, Public Education Program Coordinator, tells us about the Coastal Commission’s many outreach programs and events, as well as how you can get involved in the 13th Annual California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest. (Photo courtesy of Shannon Yee)

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